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training 1o1

Training 1o1 is a private lesson at your home or at our location.


Duration: Private lessons lasting about 1 hour or slightly more, conducted either in the client's home or at a designated location.


Assessment: A free assessment is conducted initially to determine the specific training needs of the dog. This helps tailor the classes to address individual requirements.


Registration: Clients are required to register first to request a free consultation. This likely involves providing basic information and details about the dog.


Customized Training: Classes are built based on the information gathered from a questionnaire and a socialization checklist. This ensures that the training is tailored to the unique needs of each dog.


Cost: The cost for each class is $150. Additionally, there are packages available, providing clients with options to save on multiple sessions.


Vaccination Requirement: All dogs must be fully vaccinated to participate in the training program. This is a common safety measure to protect the health of the dogs involved.


This is an structured and personalized training program that takes into account the specific needs and characteristics of each dog. The emphasis on vaccination and the initial assessment contribute to a safe and effective training environment.

Daycare & Train 

The "Daycare and Train" It is a comprehensive approach to dog care, combining socialization and training. Here's a breakdown of how the program works:


Meet and Greet with Free Assessment:

   - The program starts with a meet and greet session where the dog and pet parent meet the trainers. During this time, a free assessment is conducted to understand the dog's behavior, temperament, and any specific needs.

Free Trial (4 Hours):

   - Following the meet and greet, the dog undergoes a free trial period of 4 hours. This trial is designed to assess the dog's social skills in a daycare environment. It helps determine the dog's comfort level with other dogs and people.


Scheduling the First Day of Socialization:

   - After a successful free trial, the first official day of socialization is scheduled. This involves the dog spending time in a daycare setting, interacting with other dogs under supervision.

Four 15-Minute Training Sessions:

   - During the socialization day, the dog receives four 15-minute training sessions. These sessions are tailored to the dog's individual needs, as identified through a dog questionnaire and socialization checklist. Training can cover basic commands, behavior modification, or address specific issues.

Individualized Training Based on Needs:

   - The training sessions are customized based on the information gathered from the dog questionnaire and socialization checklist. This ensures that the training addresses specific requirements and aligns with the pet parent's goals.

Home Practice for Guaranteed Results:

   - To guarantee the success of the program, pet parents are encouraged to continue practicing at home. Consistency is highlighted as the key to reinforcing the training and socialization the dog receives during the program.

Regular Communication:

   - Maintain regular communication with pet parents to provide updates on their dog's progress. Share insights from the socialization sessions and training, and address any concerns or questions the pet parent may have.


Feedback and Adjustments:

   - Gather feedback from both the dog's behavior and the pet parent's experience. Use this feedback to make any necessary adjustments to the training plan and ensure the ongoing success of the program.


Emphasis on Consistency:

   - Reinforce the importance of consistency in training and socialization practices. Provide tips and guidance on how pet parents can incorporate learned behaviors into their daily routines.


Encourage Continued Learning:

    - Encourage pet parents to continue their dog's learning journey beyond the program. Provide resources, recommendations, or additional training sessions for those interested in furthering their dog's training.


By combining daycare with training, this program offers a holistic approach to pet care, focusing on both the dog's socialization and obedience skills.

Price: $120.00 per day (packages availables) Includes swimming lesson is needed.

Board & Train

Designing a board and train program tailored to specific pet parent needs involves several key steps. Here is a step-by-step guide for creating a customized training program that spans a minimum of 2 weeks:


Initial Consultation:  We conduct a thorough initial consultation with the pet parent. Gather information about the dog's behavior, temperament, and specific training goals. Discuss any behavioral issues, commands the owner wants the dog to learn, and their expectations.

Assessment: We evaluate the dog's current behavior, obedience level, and any existing training. Identify areas that need improvement and set realistic goals based on the pet parent's requirements.


Customization of Training Plan:  We develop a tailored training plan that addresses the specific needs and goals outlined during the consultation. This may include commands like sit, stay, recall, leash manners, or addressing specific behavior problems.


Daily Schedule: We create a daily schedule outlining training sessions, exercise routines, feeding times, and rest periods. A structured routine helps dogs adapt and learn more effectively.


Positive Reinforcement Techniques: Emphasize positive reinforcement techniques to encourage desired behaviors. Use treats, praise, and rewards to reinforce good behavior, creating a positive association with training.


Socialization: If applicable, we incorporate socialization exercises to expose the dog to different environments, people, and other animals. This helps improve the dog's adaptability and reduces anxiety.


Consistency in Commands: We ensure consistency in commands and cues across all training sessions. This helps the dog understand and respond appropriately to commands given by both the trainer and the pet parent.


Regular Updates for Pet Parents: We provide regular updates to pet parents on their dog's progress. Share successes, challenges faced, and any adjustments made to the training plan. Keep an open line of communication.

Problem-Solving Sessions: We include problem-solving sessions to address any challenges or setbacks. Offer guidance on how to handle specific situations and reinforce positive training methods.


Gradual Increase in Difficulty: We gradually increase the difficulty of training exercises as the dog progresses. This ensures a continuous challenge and reinforces the learning process.


Final Evaluation: We conduct a final evaluation at the end of the 2-week program to assess the dog's overall improvement and achievements. Provide feedback to the pet parent and offer guidance on maintaining the training.


Post-Training Support: We offer post-training support, such as follow-up sessions or additional resources, to help pet parents maintain the newly acquired skills and behaviors in their dog.


Remember, flexibility is key, and the program may need adjustments based on the dog's response and individual needs. Regular communication with the pet parent ensures a successful and satisfying training experience.

Price: From $1,750.00 minimum 2 weeks.




目标:牵引绳反应康复团体课程旨在帮助那些在牵引绳上对其他狗和车辆表现出反应行为的狗。这个为期 6 周的计划每周举行一次,每次 1 小时,旨在提供一个支持性和受控的环境,以解决牵引绳反应、改善牵引绳行为并促进积极互动。



- 皮带反应性及其原因介绍

- 识别狗的压力和焦虑迹象

- 教授焦点练习以转移注意力


第 2 周:脱敏和反调节

- 逐渐接触受控制的触发因素(其他狗和车辆)

- 实施积极强化技术来改变情绪反应

- 教授“看着我”和“别管它”命令


第 3 周:松绳行走和冲动控制

- 加强松绳行走技巧

- 教授“跟跟”和“等待”命令

- 解决散步时冲动控制的挑战


第 4 周:管理和安全措施

- 管理工具介绍(例如头带、前夹式安全带)

- 教授紧急提示(例如“紧急掉头”或“寻找地点”)

- 创造距离和避免触发因素的策略



- 在受控环境中受控地介绍其他狗

- 教授适当的问候行为

- 促进积极的互动和游戏活动



- 复习所有以前学过的技术和命令

- 毕业典礼及证书颁发

- 制定个性化的维护计划以持续进步



- 班级人数:仅限 6-8 只狗,以确保个人关注和安全

- 疫苗接种要求:所有狗都必须接种最新疫苗

- 年龄限制:狗必须至少6个月大并具有基本的服从能力

- 所需设备:项圈/背带、皮带、零食和答题器(可选)

- 费用:整个 6 周计划每只狗 600.00 美元




目的:平静犬类团体课程是专门为帮助患有分离焦虑症的狗狗而设计的。这个为期 6 周的计划每周举行一次,每次 1 小时,旨在提供一个支持性和结构化的环境,以解决分离焦虑,促进放松技巧,并为狗及其主人制定应对策略。



- 介绍分离焦虑及其原因

- 识别狗的痛苦和焦虑迹象

- 教育主人他们的行为对狗的焦虑的影响


第 2 周:逐步出发训练

- 教授逐渐离开的技巧,使狗对独处失去敏感性

- 在出发期间实施积极强化技术

- 引入互动玩具和拼图来刺激智力



- 教授放松练习,例如“垫上训练”和“安定”

- 介绍镇静辅助工具,如信息素扩散器或镇静音乐

- 结合按摩和触摸疗法以放松身心



- 与出发线索和触发因素建立积极的联系

- 实施反调节技术来改变情绪反应

- 教狗将离开与奖励和积极的经历联系起来



- 逐渐增加出发时间

- 鼓励独立玩耍和自我安抚行为

- 解决分离焦虑的触发因素并制定应对策略



- 复习所有以前学过的技巧和练习

- 毕业典礼及证书颁发

- 制定个性化的维护计划以持续进步



- 班级人数:仅限 6-8 只狗,以确保个人关注和安静的环境

- 疫苗接种要求:所有狗都必须接种最新疫苗

- 年龄限制:狗必须至少6个月大并具有基本的服从能力

- 所需设备:舒适的垫子或床、互动玩具、零食和答题器(可选)

- 费用:整个 6 周计划每只狗 600.00 美元

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