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Free Cage - In home 




In our home service, we literally duplicate whatever your dog is used to at your home, crated, couch, own bed, our own dog's beds, all good!!

Service is for 24 hours, $85.00, Half day daycare (4hrs.) it's included at no extra cost after that charges can include: 

Half day

Holiday charge.

Taxi service

Cancelation fee. 48 Hrs in advanced.

There is no charge for feeding or administering medicines.



Our Boarding service gives pet parents peace of mine. Boarding involves 24 hrs supervised playtime and socialization with other dogs, exercise, feeding, and rest time in a safe and secure environment.

We offer transportation for Boarding depending of your area.

Pick ups are usually from 08am-12pm and Drop offs 2-4pm M-Sat.

There is no Transport on Sundays or Holidays.

Dogs must pass a free trial and a boarding night for a half price.

This will help us to get to know your dog better.

Your dog(s) must be fully vaccinated with:




Canine Influenza

6 months fecal exam.


in order to be able to be boarder at our facility, anti flea and heart worm are recommended but no necessary.

Male dogs must be neutered if older than 12 months

Female dogs can be intact but can't attend daycare if dog is in heat.

Our Boarding Service also offers additional services such as training and  behavior modification.


Daycare is included when boarding here at no extra price, our daycare program includes socialization and exercise for dogs, which is very beneficial for all the dogs.

Cancellation's fees applies if less than 48 hrs. notice.

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